Industrial Pioneers OWL: CoR-Lab Scientists in Dialogue on Machine Learning

12 April, 2021

Following the digital Hannover Messe, the CoR-Lab and more than 50 companies, research institutions and networks from East Westphalia-Lippe are inviting visitors to a virtual innovation showcase. Researchers from CoR-Lab present current developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since the trade fair is only taking place digitally this year, the organisers and partners decided on their own format after the trade fair. The research approaches and applications are presented to visitors in virtual theme rooms. In addition, there is a programme of events with the opportunity to get information and make contacts.

CoR Lab researchers in conversation at the Machine Learning Day

Ten theme days with lectures, expert discussions and exchange of experiences are on the programme for the dialogue with the visitors. Together with OWL Maschinenbau and partners from the region, the CoR-Lab of Bielefeld University has conceived the Machine Learning Day on Tuesday, April, 20th. On the topic of explainable artificial intelligence, computer science professor Dr Barbara Hammer from the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University will give a lecture entitled "Machine Learning: Efficient, Explainable and Safe!" at the theme day on Tuesday.

The joint research projects ITS.ML, ML4Pro² and VEDLIoT coordinated by CoR-Lab scientists will also be presenting themselves at the theme day:

The goal of the ITS.ML project that is carried out in cooperation with research institutes from the University of Paderborn, the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences is to make machine learning (ML) methods available as a service for small and medium-sized enterprises in relevant application scenarios such as robotic assembly.

The project acronym ML4Pro² stands for Machine Learning for Production and its Products. The project is part of the leading-edge cluster it's OWL. In this project, scientists from the CoR-Lab and other research institutes are working with companies from the region to develop a compilation (toolbox) of cross-application methods with which ML technologies can be used more easily in companies.

The EU project VEDLIoT (Very Efficient Deep Learning in Internet of Things) coordinated by the CoR-Lab will also be presented in the Machine Learning thematic room. The project is working on a self-learning platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). With the self-learning platform VEDLIoT, IoT devices should become more powerful and consume less energy at the same time. To achieve this, the researchers are developing a modular hardware platform: micro-servers the size of a hand in different performance classes are combined on a carrier. Depending on the application requirements, the servers can be individually assembled on the carrier. This makes the platform universally applicable.

A highlight of the programme will be a discussion on machine learning in industrial applications. The scientific director of the CoR-Lab and computer science professor Dr Ulrich Rückert will be talking with Manuel Bruder from Expert Systemtechnik in Bielefeld, Martin Rückert from Diamant Software and Prof. Volker Lohweg from the Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT) at the OWL University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to the theme day, there will also be a sustained virtual theme room on machine learning. Here, world market leaders in automation technology, the CoR-Lab and further research institutions as well as the universities in OWL will present innovative industrial applications as well as basic research and transfer opportunities from the region. Three companies from industry are participating in the theme day: Beckhoff from Verl, Lenze near Hameln, WAGO from Minden and Weidmüller from Detmold. Further, the NRW research training group Data-NInJA, which is also coordinated by CoR-Lab, will be presented in the virtual theme room.