Our Robots and Labs

Our robots and platforms

ASIMO (from 2007-2012)

ASIMO is the world's most advance humanoid platform made by Honda.

Through collaboration with the Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Offenbach, CoR-Lab received two ASIMO robots that were used in joint research projects in motion control, speech-motion integration, tutoring, robot learning, and other human-robot interaction.

Bionic Handline Assistant Robotic Elephant Trunk
Bionic Handling Assistant (BHA)

A soft bionic robot modeled after the example of an elephant trunk. Comprises three segments with three pneumatic chambers each. See project page



The COmpliant HuMANoid (COMAN) platform was developed by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the European project AMARSi. The robot supports rich motor behavior by a novel mechatronic actuator design featuring passive compliance. COMAN is 95cm tall, weighs 31kg and has 25 DOF. COMAN plays also a key role in the European project CogIMon, where its features are exploited to research compliant interaction in teams, e.g. with humans or multiple robots.



iCub is a child-sized robot with 53 actuators and many sensory channels including vision, proprioception and tactile skin/finger tips. iCub was developed by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). In projects at CoR-Lab like AMARSi and iTalk, iCub's interaction capabilities have been extended to achieve close interaction with humans, e.g. to play rock-paper-scissor (learning of rules) or learn how to fish (learning from demonstration).


Karlsruhe Humanoid Robot Head

The Humanoid Robot Head developed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) features seven degrees of freedom, four cameras, and six microphones. The redundant actuation enables head movements like nodding while tracking e.g. an interaction partner. The actuators further allow for quick, saccadic motions and object tracking.


KUKA LWRs with Barrett Hands


KUKA OmniRob

Onclilla is a quadrupedal robot platform that was developed at EPFL and Ghent Unisversity in the European project AMARSi. Oncilla has passively compliant legs, which enable enegy-efficient and robust locomotion.




Production cell equipped with UR-5

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